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This square makes people feel cold, unappreciated and emotionally isolated. Relationships face a test of validity as practical concerns override emotional satisfaction. Highly critical in nature, this time is best spent focusing on mundane tasks and attending to your health needs. Expressing the energy from within instead of from without will enable you make a commitment or adjustment in your life that will pay off later. This square is all about foregoing immediate emotional satisfaction now in exchange for a better life later on.

About 3pm PST. This is a pleasant respite from some of the more intense energies of the week. The trine creates a harmonious exchange between others. It facilitates exchange of ideas and concepts, good for all creative endeavors and with Sun in Aquarius, a great day to be with friends. An excellent party aspect, good for laughter and most importantly, making new friends and associates. A bolt of lightning into our consciousness that brings with it a feeling of equality amongst all people.

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Could be a day of valuable insights at we feel we have the capacity to evolve and innovate. However, those who resist the influx of higher awareness will feel suddenly left out in the cold, like someone just disgraced them or people are making fun of them. For those people, ask yourself, how do you feel about the freedom of other? Does the freedom of other people cause you unease? If so, learn to be diplomatic with yourself and learn to balance your emotional with the emotional needs of others. Often we are wrong about emotional issues because the changing nature of emotions makes it impossible to nail down a right or wrong.

Today will show us this by asking us to develop a sense of right and wrong that includes other people views and conclusions. This will add quit a bit of tension and discord to an already challenging day.

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The Pluto square causes emotional severing as well as a tendency to hunker down and pull up the draw bridge. Emotional isolation brings up long held emotional beliefs and people feel unable to break out of old emotional patterns. The result is emotional break down, or break up, depending on your perspective, and people severe relationships.

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In the long run it is for the good, but the immediate aftermath is bitter disappointment. Mercury rules the conscious mind, Moon the subconscious, so the square challenges us to keep that connection while restructuring our views. So Friday will be a difficult day emotionally. This is the really the big story this week and with Mercury going retrograde, then direct so close to Pluto.

Due to the proximity of these two planets, really the conjunction is happening all week long.

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Furthermore, this is the 3rd recent occurrence of this aspect. The intense desire to transform your thinking at this time can be all encompassing.

Solar Eclipse Meaning

So you marshal forth enormous energy to overcome any obstacles that are preventing you from thinking freely and being in control of your own conscious direction in life. It can be very confrontational, so watch out. This is an excellent period for opening up communications with others, as we are more sensitive than usual and more willing to listen. We can effectively use words to heal and comfort just now. We are also more open to new ways of looking at problems or at life in general. Mercury semi-square Neptune. We are not thinking clearly, preferring to daydream. Technical facts can be glossed over at this time.

Mercury semi-square Jupiter. We experience information overload, and we neglect to consider details. People tend to exaggerate today. Monotonous mental tasks are harder to take under this influence. Our minds are restless.

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Mars trine Jupiter. Decisive action comes naturally now. We possess willpower, verve, and energy that we can direct toward achieving our goals.

Astrology January 2014

Success in contracts, negotiations, and business deals comes easily. We want to branch out and take on more challenges. A good time for making new goals or to initiate new projects all things equal. Optimism and enthusiasm; adventurous spirit. Positive attitudes create winning situations now.

Friendly competition. Taking action to better our lives. See below for day-by-day forecasts and planets in signs. See also Transit to Transit aspects. See also: Astrology of Today — an overview of the day — Astrology Cafe. See also the new Astrology Trends Calendar that includes these daily trends overviews and other astrological events such as ingresses, stations, and lunations.

The Sun enters Aquarius today and will transit the sign until February 18th. We become more aware of what is outdated in our lives, and we strive to find new perspectives and methods. The class distinctions, structure, and order that Capricorn found appealing now seem to be too rigid. We strive to free ourselves from some of the restrictions, inhibitions, and limitations that now feel constraining rather than safe in the month ahead.


A Venus-Neptune square can cast a veil over our needs, wants, and perceptions today, however. We may be dreaming up the ideal, which can clash with reality, and we can be lacking discrimination particularly when it comes to people we care about, our relationships, and material things. Lines can blur when it comes to the pursuit of pleasure, as we can convince ourselves to believe what we want to believe. We may be feeling blocked from asserting ourselves or pursuing our desires. There can be some level of drama involved with the house, sign, and any contacted planets activated by the eclipse.

There can be epiphanies or turning points that effectively clear the path to move forward. It can seem like more effort than usual is required to complete tasks. There can be criticism, whether we face this within ourselves or through others, and perhaps even imagined disapproval. These aspects promote cooperation, the kind of pride that motivates us to improve, optimism, forgiveness, and generosity, although they can also elevate our expectations! We can be indulgent or tempted to overspend or overstate our feelings.

We are sociable and seeking out some fun. Our love of learning, exploring, and sharing can be in the spotlight, and our appetite for love and pleasure especially strong.

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The Moon continues its transit of creative, demonstrative Leo for most of the day, until PM EST, after which it transits helpful, conscientious Virgo, and we want to take care of business. Mercury is on the verge of leaving the sign of Capricorn, but before it goes, it forms several aspects.

Mercury is square Uranus, sextile Chiron and Ceres, semi-square Neptune, and parallel both Saturn and Jupiter today, and this combination is highly creative and fertile. We can have breakthrough ideas and discussions.