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Too much fire and you had a bad temper. That was like my father, whom my mother always criticized for his cigarette habit and who always shouted back that she should keep her thoughts to herself. This was like my Auntie An-mei. Too much water and you flowed in too many directions, like myself, for having started half a degree in biology, then half a degree in art, and then finishing neither when I went off to work for a small ad agency as a secretary, later becoming a copywriter.

Very reassuring, right? As for the Chinese Zodiac, they have always been tied to a beautiful narrative which I grew up reading. And therein lies the difference. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All Rights Reserved. Aries Dog Personality. Aries Pig Personality. Horoscope Junction for Taurus.

more chinese astrology

Taurus Rat Personality. Taurus Ox Personality. Taurus Tiger Personality. Taurus Rabbit Personality.

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Taurus Dragon Personality. Taurus Snake Personality. Taurus Horse Personality.

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Taurus Ram Personality. Taurus Monkey Personality. Taurus Rooster Personality. Taurus Dog Personality. Taurus Pig Personality. Horoscope Junction for Gemini. Gemini Rat Personality. Gemini Ox Personality. Gemini Tiger Personality.

Gemini Rabbit Personality. Gemini Dragon Personality. Gemini Snake Personality.

Chinese Astrology Forecasting And Horoscopes – Master George Tang

Gemini Horse Personality. Gemini Ram Personality. Gemini Monkey Personality. Gemini Rooster Personality. Gemini Dog Personality. Gemini Pig Personality. Horoscope Junction for Cancer. Cancer Rat Personality. Cancer Ox Personality. Cancer Tiger Personality. Cancer Rabbit Personality.

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Cancer Dragon Personality. Cancer Snake Personality. Cancer Horse Personality.

Cancer Ram Personality. Cancer Monkey Personality. Cancer Rooster Personality. Cancer Dog Personality. Cancer Pig Personality. Horoscope Junction for Leo. Leo Rat Personality. Leo Ox Personality. Leo Tiger Personality.

Chinese Zodiac Dragon

Leo Rabbit Personality. Leo Dragon Personality. Leo Snake Personality. Leo Horse Personality. Leo Ram Personality. Leo Monkey Personality. Leo Rooster Personality. Leo Dog Personality. Leo Pig Personality. Horoscope Junction for Virgo. Virgo Rat Personality. Virgo Ox Personality.

Virgo Tiger Personality.

Feng Shui Institute - What is Chinese Astrology

Virgo Rabbit Personality. Virgo Dragon Personality. Virgo Snake Personality. Virgo Horse Personality.

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Virgo Ram Personality. Virgo Monkey Personality. Virgo Rooster Personality.